AbdulAziz Alowaied mosque with an iPhone

Last week I passed by Alowaied mosque at Hawalli to pray Alasr. I went there with a purpose to take some photos with my iPhone. I knew that I will get some good lighting inside this mosque, because it has a beautiful system to get the sun light to lighten the main area of the mosque, where worshipers pray.

I took the photographs with my iPhone after the pray because I was a little late to catch some shots before they start praying. The Alasr praying takes around 10 minutes in one group. However, because it’s Ramadan, people used to stay after they prayed to read Quran, connecting with God and networking with each other. I was lucky that there was some kids running and playing inside the mosque, I took a quick photo for them, just before the men shout on them and ordered them to leave the mosque for a better reading and worship environment.

These photos are part of my personal ongoing documentary photography project to document The Life Inside The Mosque, that most people other than the muslims don’t know it.

All the edits and the process of the photos done on iPhone, mainly with Snapseed and Filterstorm apps.

Will leave you with some photos, taken with iPhone 4s. AbdulAziz Alowaied mosque, Hawalli, July 2012.

A kid having fun under this glory light on the red carpet.


Reading Quran and networking.

Solo reading Quran.




  1. Difnetly great light. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The red color of the carpet.. is amazingly RED :).. nice shots

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