On Top of Oil Drilling Rig

June 28th 2012, I spent two hours with an oil field team of KOC (Kuwait Oil Company) on top of one of their drilling rig, in Burgan oil field. We were filming as part of a documentary film about the oil industry of Kuwait. I took the opportunity to take some photos for the men working 15 meters on top of the drilling rig. Temperature that day was around 45c and it was a dry sunny day.

Ironically, when we went there my camera battery was almost dead since we were filming in different locations, and this was the last location that day. That gave me the feelings of film photographing when you have only 24 or 35 exposures, so you have to think twice before taking the shot. I was literally turn on the camera, snap two or three shots, and then turn it off. They didn’t allowed us to go closer to the workers, so all my shots were from distance, and since I’m using Fuji x100 with it’s prime fixed lens 35mm, I wasn’t able to take a real close ups, except the first photo which I took it when he got close to me.

I also noticed how hard their work is, that day was day 47 day since they started drilling, and when they start they keep drilling and changing pipes and fixing heads 24 hours without stopping. There are two shifts working, and change shift every 12 hours. Seniors work for one month and go in vacation for a month, workers take a vacation every two months for one month, that how hard their work is.

Portrait before the action.

It was a dry sunny day with little clouds, temperature were 45c.

That’s the centre of the rig were the drilling arm, and you can see the control room of the drilling.

Team leader.

Team work, they should not stop, 24 hours.

A critical checking, only leaders could do it.

One of the short moments to see the team smiling and standing still.

Inside the control room, were all the magic happens.

Fire team section for a quick actions till the big fire team come.

Daily garbage!

Bye 🙂



  1. These are great pics. Must have been an interesting assignment.

  2. I can’t really see, but I assume it’s a land rig. Now, imagine how hard it is for people at offshore oil rig :D…

  3. Soy Asi

    Excelent!! I really like it, very good shots!!

  4. richfromdelaz

    Great photos. The place kind of reminds me of the oil wells I saw with oil companies Calgary. That looks like a real busy place to be in.

  5. Humberto Porras

    Great photos! I’m a designer and would love to use one or 2 of you photos for somw work. Is there a place I could purchase them from you?

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