Tahrir Square is alive!

Last year July 2011 I went to Cairo for some business, and stayed for two more days to make some street photography. I took many photos in the streets of Cairo, some for the great location; Tahrir Square. Some of my Egyptian friends advised me not to go their with a camera, since there were no security inside Tahrir Square, and holding a camera will make them suspicious of me. Regardless to say that didn’t discourage me of going their.

The place is full of life, people there from different orientations, competitive parties and from different levels of education. There were people talking in the political situation, people selling goods and refreshments, kids playing, teenagers hanging out, men just waiting, new arrivals searching and liking around, and there were even people giving speeches.

Will leave you with some of these photos that I took using Fuji x100. I took many others with iPhone that you could find in my instagram feed with hashtag #sramyan_cairo. You could also check my two slideshow videos of my trip to Cairo:

1- Cairo Streets Observer.

2- Waiting.

These are archived photos and never been used before.



  1. Manny

    The tone that black and white photography gives reminds me of times long past.

  2. Such a great set of street photography. The square is really alive!

  3. Terrence Sauler

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