Waiting! A Photography slideshow of Egypt

In my street photography trip to Cairo in July 2011, I noticed most people in the streets were just waiting.. waiting for someone, somebody, or maybe waiting for something to happen.. I had the feelings that for some faces I photographed, life has no meaning, or the time has no value, they stand still.. just waiting!

I posted this slideshow of photos three months ago. Now, today June 18 and after the initial announcement that the candidate Mohammed Mursi had won 52.5% of the votes in the presidential election, what the great Egypt people been waiting for? A question only the coming days could answer it.

The upper photo and most of the photos in the slideshow taken with iPhone.



  1. Sami,
    Firstly, I would like to say thank you for such a view, and such artwork which is so unique. Your piece is very much a capture of life not just reflected through your lens in Cairo, but I see the same reflections on the streets of Jerusalem too.
    Keep up the amazing work buddy, and well done.


  2. A very insightful and meaningful WAITING.. mixed with bitterness & hope.

  3. I found your blog through the WP feature on street photography and was so intrigued by this photo. Little did I realize what a powerful video slideshow you created as well. So beautifully down, perfect music choice. I look forward to exploring more of your wonderful work.

  4. sami, what do you use to edit your pics? an iphone app? or do you edit them after taking them out of the iphone?

    i use snapseed and i love that app!

    • For iPhone photos I mainly use ProCamera for taking the photo, and Snapseed for editing. Some times I give it more massage with filterstorm app.
      For camera photos I use Aperture and Silver Efex Pro 2 applications, and this last application is mainly for black and white processing. I enjoy Snapseed as well and hope that google will not ruin it after their acquisition of Nik software company.

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