In a hurry!

When I took this photo for a man in a hurry to cross the road, and when I started processing it to black and white, I remembered the famous photo of the famous photographer Henri Cartier Bresson. I read once that in order to be a good photographer, you have to learn from the masters, from the best.. you have to spend hours and hours and hours studying their shots, why did he choose this photo in his book, how did he compose it, how did he utilise the light, why this angle.. etc.



  1. This shot is so like a Henri Carier Bresson, especially in the subtle blur in the hurrying legs and (is it an optical illusion or for real…?) that neither foot is touching the ground. I can see why you thought of HCB when you developed it.

  2. Natasha Desai

    Very true, HCB was a master and I adore this picture 🙂

  3. Sydney

    Hi! I’m a college student in Brooklyn currently taking a silkscreen class. I’ve had this idea for a print including some geometric shapes, would it be possible for me to use this photograph with credit? It fits the concept in my head perfectly. I wouldn’t be selling any prints, of course. And I’d love to send you one, if you decide it’s alright. Thanks!

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